Taye Diggs & Shane W.Evans present:


Monday April 1st

The Black Dolls

The Black Dolls

Chocolate Me! Is teaming up to support and be supported by The Black Doll Affair. We are excited to explore this relationship and partner with a group dedicated to empowerment. SWEET INSIDE and OUT!

The Black Doll Affair is a social club for black women hue love themselves & each other! Join for Self-esteem! Sisterhood! Service! & Social Play! Be a Doll, give a doll!
Mission. Goal. Intention: The Black Doll Affair’s mission is to empower black girls and remind them of their beauty - internally, externally and intrinsically. The Black Doll’s hue-manitarian goal is to return black girls and women to their true essence – love. Through self-esteem, service, sisterhood and social play, it is The Black Doll Affair’s INTENTION to restore love for the girl in the mirror and thereby leave a b'huetiful legacy in the world.


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